Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cisco WLC Software Upgrade

I was asked to upgrade our WLCs due to an unauthorized access vulnerability on the IOS. There's a WLC AireOS upgrade path you need to follow: 7.4 or 7.6 > 8.0 > 8.x

I've used FTP to transfer the image since it's faster as compared to using TFTP. I used 3CDaemon which could run as both FTP and TFTP server (can also run both services at the same time) and set the username/password and the image folder or directory.

To perform the WLC upgrade, go to Commands > Download File > Choose File Type: Code > Transfer Mode: FTP > set the FTP server IP address, File Path: ./ (root directory) > FTP login and password (leave default port 21).

Once the FTP transfer is completed, the WLC will indicate some status messages and will ask you to reboot afterwards.

If you choose to reboot the WLC at a later time, the WLC will set the new image as Primary Image and the old image as Backup Image. To verify, go to Commands > Config Boot.

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